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We have been creating promotional and training videos now since we started in 2012. We have a list of repeat clients who use us sometimes three or four times a month for training material as its much easier to update a video than a book when something changes.


With more and more companies now having their website as the main point of contact video is becoming more and more popular as an easy way of communicating in the modern world. A 2 min video on your website can replace pages of text and can use visual imagery to help with the communication of your message or call to action. 

We will work with you as a client to understand what the final piece is required to look like but also how it is to be perceived and what your intentions are for the video purpose. We believe in making videos that are functional, professional and above all communicate your intended message both visually and audibly to the correct recipient market.

We have several clients who have requested non disclosure for their work which can be arranged if required, please note these clients have footage we are unable to show even for demonstration purposes.

Examples of some of the projects we have been given permission to use for advertising.

This video was made to show off the studio we built as part of our sister company in Warrington Shows2Home where we have full access to Green screen, lighting and professional sound recording.

This video was recorded on site for Lisa Lawton to advertise her piano duo with pianist Paul Shaw and was recorded as a half day package which cost a total including editing £295 and this video was one of 7 full songs performed and produced along with a 1.30 min promotional version for agents to view a sample of each song.

This is a video produced for our client OSGO a group of Podiatrists who commissioned us for a series of training videos to show how the different suppliers worked and did things. This was filmed onsite and was a bespoke package created due to several locations needing filming. We are unable to disclose the final price of this package

This video was a unique challenge presented to us by Jay Allen of My True North. Starting as an audio track only we were asked to create a video to accompany it using stock footage only. This project was completed in a total of 16 hours and cost £224 as there was no filming required but several licenced pieces of footage were required

Pay by invoice is available on all products, 10% Deposit required at time of booking. Final invoice is sent once approval of final edit is received.

If additional work is required we will always contact you first to gain approval if further costs will be incurred.


To enquire or request a free no obligation quotation please email or call 07954001310

Please note that any footage or material provided by you for editing must have permission for use, Hartshead Productions holds no responsibility for copyright infringements from footage sent to us without copyright approval first.

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