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Why should i consider multi-camera?

By using more than one camera we can save both time and money as we can record more than one angle at a time removing the need for repeated takes. This works well throughout all our area's of business and can reduce recording time by more than half.

Can you edit my existing footage?

Yes we offer an editing only service for £37 per hour, you simple send your footage over and we can improve the quality and shot and enhance the sound to give a more professional look. This is very popular with our business clients who create a lot of social media videos.

How long are wedding videos?

Each video is unique and can vary in length depending on how much happens on the wedding day. on average our weddings last for around 1 hour to 1 and a half hours for a church wedding.

Do you have a studio?

We currently have access to a studio located in Oldham College but this must be booked with at least a weeks notice and is subject to availability there is no additional charge for this option on all our recording packages.

Do you have an autocue?

In the studio at Oldham College we do have access to an autocue but we have no mobile option available at present due to the size and weight. Onsite we can often use a laptop raised to just under the camera for anyone who needs a script to follow.

We dont have a dvd player?

As less and less laptops have a cd drive and we are moving towards removable storage we do have alternative options. For dance shows we have our online streaming option which is secured with a password that only the schools can give out to allow parents access. 

For weddings you will get an digital download version and with the top package also a stream-able version via our Vimeo channel. 

We currently don't offer USB as an option for dance shows as these cannot be secured to a sufficient manner that we can offer good child protection. 

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