Our Services:

Full show multi-camera recordings with or without an audience (your choice of dress rehearsal or live show). Full shows produced digitally online as a download with the option of secure sales page on this site or one master download for your records.

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Per Show





Promotional material filmed and produced to your specifications using both graphic, video, additional animation and produced digitally for any online platform.

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for Half Day Filming


We offer a full editing, graphic and animation service for any existing footage or material which needs to be made into a video.

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Per hour


During the 2020 lockdown we teamed up with two of our clients to create a new business which offers a full video production package filmed in one of our studios, created to avoid the spread of COVID19.

By teaming up we created a fully functional studio with the ability to record bands, performances, acts, singers and full theatrical shows in one of our secure spaces.

The facilities include:

Full Sound Production - with up to 35 channel recording fully mastered and produced with crystal clarity

Green Screen Facility - the ability to create any background or backdrop for your production from theatres to fields we can create it via our green screen recordings.

Multi-Camera Live Streaming - we have the ability to live stream any production or performance with up to 8 camera feeds and graphical content included

For More information on shows2home please visit www.shows2home.co.uk