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How to Protect Your Content!

With social media being so popular and easy to use event those of us who don't really understand technology can like and share content with just a push of a button.

So if your a content creator then how do you want your content to be viewed is very important.

Lets face it you can chop down videos and reduce written content very easily using a mobile phone let alone a PC so it really is a mine field to place anything online which you potentially want to promote you or an idea to the rest of the world as your own content.

Adding a watermark to photos is very easy and this has been regular practice by photographers for years and its a great way to protect your content however its not so easy to add this to a video unless you have some basic video editing skills and a half decent video editing package.

By adding your logo to the bottom corner or top corner of the video your making sure that no matter what anyone does with the video its always going to be connected to you.

The next stage is to offer a start and end screen to your video and your end screen can be your call to action i.e how to contact you or a web address.

This not only protects your content but also adds a touch of professionalism to what you have produced.

To step up to the next level is to add some additional touches to the graphical content of the video with animations and little things that can enhance the video and the watch-ability of the end user.

You can get companies like ourselves to create a graphics pack for a small charge which you can add to your videos yourself or you can send your videos to us and let us take care of everything, all you need to do is record the video and tell us what you want adding and where.

If you are creating a video by yourself always leave a little room round the subject being filmed, you might think this looks odd when you watch it back but we can fix the picture a lot easier if the shot has "wriggle room" and isn't tight on the subject. I have trained all my camera operators over the last few years to remember "wriggle room" as you can take it away but you cant add anything that's not there to begin with.

Also don't worry if the shot looks a little dark we can also enhance this, the rule is as long as you can see some detail it can be fixed or enhanced.

Adding animated graphics to your video can often enhance the quality if used in relation to the content however it is also very easy to go overboard on the amount of animation and graphical content you use, too much and people will be distracted too little and people will get bored and turn off, so getting the correct balance is the key to the perfect formula.

If you want to try creating online content or perhaps if you already have something which you haven't released yet as you not quite happy with how it looks send it to us for a free no obligation chat about how we could enhance it or how we can help you put it together is its in pieces and make it look seamless.

For regular users we will setup a Google drive folder which will be fully accessible to both you and us so you can leave footage in there to be edited and we can send your footage back the same way to avoid messing around with other software and means of sending files.

Drop us an email to for more information on our editing services or graphic packs and see how it could enhance your content.

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