Terms & Conditions

Dance and Theatre Shows require a minimum

20 DVD order per show to cover basic costs.

Pricing is as follows:

20 to 49 DVDs @ £15 per DVD Per Order

50 to 99 DVD @ £12 Per DVD Per Order

100+ DVD's @ £10 Per DVD Per Order

Dvd's are only dispatched directly to the school and never to the public as part of our child safety precautions. Please note once your order is confirmed any cancellation may incur a £50 cancellation fee. Once the show is edited we will send a secure Google drive link for you to watch and approve the show, please note that once you have approved the show no further changes can be made to the final edit without charges as approval sets in motion the burning process. All orders will be dispatched once finds have cleared, invoices are issued at time of approval with your order numbers.

Please note that any order placed under the minimum order required will be adjusted to the minimum order and invoiced accordingly for example an order of 15 DVD's will automatically generate 20 and invoice will charge for the 20 DVD's @£15 each the shortfall must be made up. If you feel your school cant sell 20 DVD's per recorded show, then please be aware of this to avoid issues at processing time.

Once payment is made and cleared in our account we will prepare and dispatch your order within 2 working days. You must ensure payment is made within 2 weeks of the order placed.

Any school mot placing an order within 30 days of the approval email will be invoiced £300 for the minimum order of 20 DVD's @ £15 each.

By placing a booking with us you are agreeing

to the above terms and conditions.

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