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Online Streaming

Example Video & Case:

Please click the link on the DVD case and enter the password: stream1

Terms & Conditions

We now have the option to have your show streamed online, as many people no longer have access to a DVD Player. 

This service is provided via our partner VIMEO and has the following criteria for safeguarding:

  1. Upload is in 720p to allow for viewing on as many devices as possible

  2. uploads are only accessible via a link printed on the inside cover of the dvd case 

  3. to access the video you must have a password which is only given to the school to control distribution

  4. No downloading is possible

  5. The video cannot be embedded anywhere else online

  6. We reserve the right to remove or restrict the video at anytime if requested

  7. This service is only available upon request from the school or organisation and must be in writing via email

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at and we will happily answer you.

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