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For editing and productions we require all files to be sent over via or via a pre enabled google drive link which can be sent after initial contact is made.

It is the clients obligation to ensure any third party footage being used is licenced to use or alter as required and no copyright is held over the footage by another company. Any claims made by other companies to footage used will be directed back to the source who provided the footage.

We require all details and requirements submitted to the company via email or messenger to ensure all details can be captured and saved with the project

any project requiring further information or footage after initial editing will be placed on hold for up to 30 days unless agreed in writing to hold longer.

All footage submitted will remain on google drive with a full access link to the client to remove or save as they require, please note however no footage is saved onsite longer than 30 days without prior written agreement.

Please also note that google drive is an external secure storage facility ran by a third party company, all data is held inder the google drive security policies and prodeedures, should data be damaged or become inaccessible Hartshead Productions can not be held responsible. 

If you do not use our services for 30 days consecutively your google drive folder may be deactivated but can be reactivated on next use. Regular users will have the ability to store unlimited amounts of data in the folder.

All google drive data is stored at the clients own risk and can be removed by Hartshead Productions at any time. Sharing of the Google Drive link is prohibited and users found to be sharing without permission any access to the folder will result in the instant deactivation of the folder and removal of the contents held within. 

We always send an initial edit to ensure the project is what you want or if any changes are required to ensure the final project is what you have requested. We do not charge for rendering time, but please note graphic intensive projects can take longer to export and conform which can lead to a linger wait between edits when changes are requested. For any project that has an urgent deadline we will always ensure this is hit on time.

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